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Parent Resources

Raising a child is a challenge all to itself. Protecting your child from becoming a victim, however, is often not on a parent's radar - especially when that victimizer is close to home. Here you'll find resources to help you protect your child or deal with the aftermath if your child has already become a victim.

A Parent Primer

Girl Gazing

When kids harm their bodies


When children pick at their skin or pull at their hair so much that they hurt themselves — leaving scabs or bald spots — they often say they can’t stop, even if they’re embarrassed or being bullied by other kids because of it. That’s because doing these things makes them feel better in a hard-to-understand way.

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What would your kids have done?

Abduction by pedophiles only accounts for about 24% of the total of missing person reports in the United States. But teaching "stranger danger" is still an important part of being a parent.

7th grader delivers powerful message in poem

When a 7th grade writing class at Queen Creek Middle School presented poems for their end of year assignment, one student stood out with a powerful message. Watch this with your kids.

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