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Today, "100" groups provide funds to worthwhile nonprofits nationwide. The idea is simple and elegant. Members agree to donate an equal amount every month. These funds are held in equity; every quarter, every member can recommend a nonprofit to give the proceeds to. These recommendations are reviewed to align with the "100" group's mission and objectives and 3 are chosen for the members to vote on. If 100 people gave only $10 a month, that's $3000 every quarter ($12,000 a year!) that goes to a nonprofit that needs the support! Of course, the more money donated monthly or the more members (it doesn't have to stop at 100!), the more we can do to help.


Bikers C.A.R.E. Supporters are our version of a bikers' "100" group! Our nonprofits would be limited to agencies that share our desire to bring child abuse to an end, and to aid children who are recovering from abuse. It is unfortunate, but the number of cases is going up, not down, and the men and women who serve our children 24/7/365 are understaffed and underfinanced.

YOU can make a difference and all it takes is a commitment to donate $10 a month - less than a buck a day - to make a difference. It also helps us help more children nationwide where organizations like ours don't exist.

Want to save the world? Start by saving a child. Join the Bikers C.A.R.E. Supporters group today!

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Can't commit to a monthly donation?
You can still make a difference in the life of a child.

This is one of the simplest ways to help out our cause. As an all-volunteer organization, be confident that any contributions you make will be used to fund our various programs. Show the world you stand against abuse!

If you would like to become a corporate sponsor of Bikers C.A.R.E., please contact us directly to discuss. We welcome your help!

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